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Doke Green Diamond | 50gm.

Doke Green Diamond | 50gm.

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Doke Green Diamond Tea is packed with vital antioxidants to help boost your energy levels. These hand plucked and hand-rolled -leaves give a fresh leafy-floral aroma that lightens and brightens your mood wonderfully. The sweet-mineral flavor will be loved by any tea connoisseur. Include a cup of warm green tea in your daily schedule to get refreshments along with health benefits. From the Doke Tea Estate in Bihar, this mellow green tea steeps into a sunny yellow brew.

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    • Ingredient

      Green Tea Leaves

    • Benefits

      1) Helps in Weight Loss
      2) Reduces Cholesterol

    • Additional Info

      1) Recommended: With Water
      2) Aroma: Floral, Sweet
      3) Flush: 1st Flush 2021
      4) Caffeine: High
      5) Serving: Hot
      6) Organic/Non-Organic: Non-Organic
      7) Region: Bihar
      8) Tasting Notes: Fruity & Crisp, Malty

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    • Prepare

      180ml of water

    • Boil

      95°C or 203°F

    • Add Tea

      2.5 gm / 0.08 oz

    • Condiments

      Lemon / Honey

    • Brew

      3 - 4 Minutes

    • Serve 


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